Seventy entrepreneurs presented projects in the framework of the Buenos Aires Emprende promoted by the Undersecretariat of Economic Development of the City of Buenos Aires. Such entrepreneurial teams worked hard over the last weeks on the assembly and formalization of their projects -this involved the presentation of a complete business plan for a total amount of more than 7 million pesos- with the technical support of eight specialized agencies selected by the Undersecretariat.

These are all cases of high innovative profile projects with potential and high impact, due to the type of products or services that they involve, or to the processes or techniques that they pose, or to the business model that they intend to develop. In this sense, the projects include the most diverse topics, ranging from specific software development (applied to education, technical training, cell phones, business development or safety issues) to health services or topics related to biotechnology, computer animation, educational tourism, advertising and production of intelligent clothing. There have also been projects in sectors such as educational toys, financial services for real estate, technology inputs for the food industry or agricultural production, various personal services, platforms for music production or manufacture of automated wine cellars apartment buildings among others.

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The objective of the Capilar Test is to evaluate the risk of developing androgenic alopecia (common baldness), before the onset of symptoms, enabling the diagnosis in earlier or preclinical stage, so treatment can be started at a time when it has a higher probability of success.

The current diagnosis of alopecia is based on visual observation of the decrease in the thickness and amount of hair. When this is already visible, it is likely that around 50% of the hair is already lost in that area. This is because the only drugs currently used to fight hair loss, Minoxidil and Finasteride, are more effective in stabilizing the fall of hair rather than the generation of new hair. That is why the sooner the probability of presenting alopecia can be predicted, the more chances you have to save your hair.

The Capilar Test helps you evaluate the risk of hair loss and offers the opportunity for early medical intervention before the appearance of visible signs of loss.

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